Our Buckeroo Son is listed for sale below

Welcome to our sale page please feel free to ask any questions about our horses. 609-364-7077 Lori- or Art 609-805-4491

or email  artlorig@aol.com

"Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz"
Amha /AMHR  31.5"
2011 World top ten Senior Stallions 30-32"
Price Reduced to $2,000
shown by Danielle Hill Training Center

Before you breed those mares for your 2017 foal crop

We offer for your consideration our stallion “Buzz”  A/R 31.50”

2008 Palomino Son of Boones Little Buckeroo (tested negative for silver)

Buzz is the maternal brother to World and National Champion Driving Horse “Philia BTU Cruser”

Philia Blazes Ginger X Boones Little Buckeroo

Buzz has a thin blaze and 2 white socks and a high white above the hock on a rear leg

2011 Amha World Top Ten Senior Stallions 30-32” (7th) shown by Danielle Hill Training Center

He has produced 7 gorgeous foals all with real leg action for driving.

Priced to sell as we are selling our farm

call 609-364-7077  or email artlorig@aol.com

Our horses below are all sold...we want to thank all our wonderful clients

"Eagles Ring Hot Sauce by Buzz"

A/R-amha futurity nominated

"Hot Sauce" should mature approximately 31"-32" - she was born with a 7" cannon bone.

This pretty young filly is a bold chestnut with a bright white star

Hot Sauce is a feisty little girl with tons of personality.

Her outstanding attitude shines through in her photos (above taken at 3 mos old) 

Hot Sauce has an enviable pedigree, top & bottom.

Her sire, Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz is a handsome palominoBoones Little Buckerooson.

Buzz was World Top Ten in 2011 in the competitive Senior Stallions 30-32” class.

Hot Sauce's prestigiously bred dam, Uno Lotus is a direct palomino Pinto daughter ofSierra Dawn Uno DeMayo.

Hot Sauce isAMHA Futurity Nominated!

We have already seen traces of her sire’s big trot in her. Her sire, “Buzz”, is a maternal brother to

 2x World Champion Country Pleasure Driving Horse,Philia BTUs Cruser.

Hot Sauce is an elegant little filly with long legs, nice length of neck , level top line and beautiful doe eyes to go with her delicate build.

She will make a beautiful show filly, and could go on to become a cherished broodmare - addingtopbloodlines to your herd.

she is ready to wean and both her A/R registration papers are in hand

Hot Sauce is SOLD !!!!

"Eagles Ring Bu2ful Dreamer by Buzz" A/R - Amha futurity nominated filly

foaled 3/21/14 - Smokey Black Filly

Spice  X Buzz

trotting photo below at 2 weeks old

"Eagles Ring Bu2ful Dreamer by Buzz" 4/21/14- is a beautiful Smokey Black Filly A/R- amha futurity nominated

another foal with her sires big trot- Her sire "Buzz" is a maternal brother to "Philia BTU Cruiser" World Champion Driving Horse

Dreamer is a beautiful filly with long legs a nice length of neck and a level top line and that show ring spark.

She will make a beautiful show filly, then go on as a cherished broodmare adding top bloodlines

and a bonus dilute gene to your herd. Both registry papers A/R in hand. 

Contact us at artlorig@aol.com  for more info Dreamer is SOLD!!!!

Dam:                                                                          Sire:                                                    

Eagles Ring Bows Spicy Mustard Seed                                              Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz

A/R- Perlino mare                                                                             A/R - Palomino Buckeroo Son

2010 National Top Ten Futurity                                                         2011 World Top Ten Sr. Stallions 30-32"

"Eagles Ring Zeus by Buzz"   - SOLD!!

A/R - amha futurity nominated colt

Chestnut Pinto colt foaled 3/23/14   -          

this photo from the night he was born to see his markings from above

"Eagles Ring Zeus by Buzz" 4/23/14- is a Chestnut Pinto colt A/R- amha futurity nominated

Zeus is a really flashy marked colt who has his sire's crooked blaze I love with a level top line lots of leg and that show ring spark.

He will make a great show colt, very correct with top bloodlines.

Sold !!! on this flashy little colt

Dam:                                                                          Sire:                                                    

Alms Rompin Codys Chera Pooh                                                                    Little Kings Buckeroo Buzz

A/R / Ptha- Chestnut Pinto mare                                                                      A/R - Palomino Buckeroo Son

2006 NJPtha Year end State Champion Performance                                      2011 World Top Ten Sr. Stallions 30-32"

2006 NJPtha Year end State Res. Champion Halter  

2006 National 8th All-star in Trail in Hand                                                                                             

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